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Paint Correction

Your car is your pride and joy. You wash it, wax it, and park it in the garage to keep it looking its best. But over time, the paint can become damaged from everyday wear and tear.

That’s where we come in – Tahoe Prestige Mobile Detailing offers Car Paint Correction services to remove swirl marks, scratches, and other surface defects from your car’s paint job. Our team of professionals use the latest tools and technology to get your car looking like new again.

Don’t spend another day driving around with a scratched or damaged paint job – let us help you restore your car’s original beauty. Schedule a free consultation today to see how we can help you achieve the perfect finish for your vehicle.

Price of our Car Paint Correction Detailing ranges based on car size :

  • Cars: $1200 ;
  • Trucks/SUV/Med : $1500 ;
  • Vans/XL/Full-Size : $1800 ;

Recommended for vehicles in moderate to poor condition. Includes everything in a deluxe package, Gloss Enhancement and Stage 1 Exterior Detail but adds a 2 step machine automotive paint correction (compounding and polishing) for a deep correcting of the paint to achieve the best gloss as safely as possible. Your car will be treated with the most modern and safe buffing techniques / products,.. Results will vary depending on the condition of the paint.

    • Paint Enhancement Exterior Detail
    • 2 Step machine compound and polishing to reduce medium to medium-heavy swirls and oxidation to bring out color depth and gloss.
    • Ceramic coating upgrade available: +$400-$700 based on car size (3-5 years of protection )
    • 8+ Hour Service Time
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